Мы  предлагаем шары  с  фабрики, которая производит шары Brunswick , QubicaAmf, Storm, Ebonite
Bowling house ball factory, which  produce  balls  for   Brunswick , QubicaAmf, Storm, Ebonite
Without drill hole: USD $28.90  FOB.
With drill hole: USD $29.90 FOB.
Poly ball: USD$ 27.80 / pc
High Performance Balls : USD$ 45.50
Price for the minimum purchase quantity will be 500 balls.
2-year Warranty.
A 20' container can load 2200 balls. 
50% deposit and 50% one week before shipment. 
it usually takes 50 days from receipt of deposit to deliver.
If your order lower 500 balls, have USD$ 300 export fee.